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Monday, April 27, 2009

Why It Called Blackberry?

Blackberry has become a life style, not only in USA but also in almost every country. Most of the people know it, have it, and use it. But have you ever wonder, why it called Blackberry? Why not rasberry? Strawberry? Cherry?

To understand the origin of its name, we must go back to 1999 when its introduced for the very first time. RIM (Research in Motion), a Canadian wireless device company, is the one who develop Blackberry. RIM settled on the name "Blackberry" after work with Lexicon Branding Inc.

(Lexicon Branding is a California-based firm that named Intel Corp's Pentium Microprocessor).

When they reviewed the product, one of the naming experts at Lexicon took his attention on the miniature-buttons.

"It looked like tiny-seeds in the strawberry."

After that, they agreed to use Strawberry at first. Then a linguist at the firm thought Strawberry was too slow sounding. Then another person of the naming experts suggested Blackberry. And RIM went to it. So... that's why it called Blackberry since then.

Because of the ability to read and received e-mail in real-time anywhere, it makes many people become addictive with Blackberry devices, and earning a nickname : Crackberry. It is a reference to the street-drug form of coccaine, known as crack.

The term of Crackberry has become so widespread that in November 2006, its been named by Webster's New World College Dictionary as "The New Word of the Year".

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