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Monday, May 31, 2010

What is the Most Famous Beverage in Indonesia?

If you visit Indonesia and feel thirsty, don't get surprise when you find difficulty to get Coca-cola, because not many place sell it. But you will easily find a lot of people selling and offerring you Teh Botol Sosro. Well.... for some tourists, they find surprise to see this beverage. It is tea in the bottle. Usually it served cold. The taste is quiet nice with light jasmine aroma. After drink it, you will feel quiet refreshing. Most of the tourist that tried it once, will try it again.

It is true that Teh Botol Sosro is one of the most popular beverage in Indonesia. Literally, Teh Botol means "tea in the bottle". And Sosro itself is the name of the founder's family name : Sosrodjojo.

The success of Teh Botol Sosro began in 1940, when the family of Sosrodjojo started to build a small tea company called Teh Wangi Melati (Fragrant Jasmine Tea Company) in Slawi, one of the small city in Central Java. Their first product is Teh Cap Botol (Bottle Brand's Tea). Soon, their product became well-known and popular in that city.

In 1965, they started to expand their company and bring Teh Cap Botol to Jakarta. That time, not so many people like to drink tea. Most of the youngsters were like to drink beverage such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, and others. So they tried to do a promotion called Promosi Cicip Rasa (Tasted Promotion; soon this way been known as "sampling promotion technic"). Together with his team, Mr Soetjipto Sosrodjojo - the Jakarta's Marketing Director, who also one of the Sosrodjojo family member - visited some area by driving car and promoted their products. They gave the sampling products to the people they met and informed them how to make tea. They also did tea making demo at sight to educate people how to boil tea.

At the first time, the demo met failure because it takes quiet long time to boil and prepare the tea. People started to impatient and most of them left the demo before the tea was ready.

Then Mr Soetjipto tried another way : prepared the tea in the office and bring it to the promotion area. But this way also met failure because some of the tea was spoil on the way to promotion area.

Finally they found another easy way : put the tea in the bottle and give the samples to the viewer. This method is success. Since then, many people like to drink tea. After the successful of introducing tea to people in Jakarta - especially it unique way of promotion - in 1969, The Sosrodjojo family considered to sell the tea in the bottle. Using their family name as the brand name, in 1970 The Sosrodjojo finally released their tea in the bottle products for the first time using their own brand : Teh Botol Sosro.

The design of the brand has changed three times. The first design has been used since 1970-1971. Then they changed the design and used it from 1972 - 1973. In 1974, when The Sosrodjojo built their tea factory in Jakarta (Menteng area) called PT Sinar Sosro, they made another change of brand. Since then, they never change the design until today.

With their famous eternal quote "Apapun Makanannya, Minumnya Teh Botol Sosro" (Whatever You Eat, Drink Teh Botol Sosro), Teh Botol Sosro is the first ready-to-consume tea in the bottle that been well-known not only in Indonesia, but also in the world.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Man with The Biggest Breast in the World

Normally we know that only girls who have breast. Men... well, they have it but not big. Even athletic like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Hulk Hogan only have "standard" breast - or can be said, "chick-breast" - and never as big as Pamela Anderson's.

But recently, doctors from Chin claimed that they finally found a man with big breast and it is the biggest breast that men have in the world. Guo Feng -53 years old-, a farmer from Jinan, China, is the one to have this big breast. Physically, he is a man. But 10 years ago, he found his chest is becoming bigger and bigger. And in the end, his chest has same size as Pamela Anderson's.

Why he can be like this? Until today, none of the doctor can explain it. They check throughout already and did not find any problem in Guo Feng's chest. The breast on his chest is not a cancer and do not harm his health. The only hypotesis that come out from the doctor is that Guo Feng has with fat problem.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is The First Slasher Movie from Indonesia?

Macabre is considered as the first slasher movie that made by Indonesian movie makers and become one of the most successfull movie, regionally and internationally. Released in January 22, 2010, Macabre has became a nightmare for all audiences. The movie itself also gain a lot of appreciation from many of international critics and received international awards, such as Pucheon International Fantasic Film Festival (PiFan 2009, held in Bucheon, South Korea). At this festival, Shareefa Danish had been choosed as the Best Actress.

Directed by Mo Brothers (Timo Cahyanto and Kimo Stambul) and starred by well-known Indonesian artists such as Shareefa Danish, Julie Estelle, Ario Bayu, Imelda Therinne, Daniel Mananta, and Mike Lucock, Macabre - also known as Rumah Dara (Dara's House) in Indonesia or Darah (Blood) in Singapore - tells a story about 6 youngsters who meet a strange girl called Maya (played by Imelda Therinne) that lost her way. Soon they took the girl back to her house which located in the middle of forest (and nowhere).

Then they meet Dara (Shareefa Danish), Maya's mother. Since they helped Maya, Dara insisted them to stay in her house and having dinner with her. They also been introduced to Adam (Arifin Putra) and Arman (Ruli Lubis), both are Maya's brothers. While having the meal, suddenly all of them passout. When gaining their conciousness, all of them found out that they were been set-up by psychopathic cannibal family. And the youngsters are going to be their next meals.

Macabre is actually the expansion of the story called Dara which been made and released before in a anthology movie called "Takut : Faces of Fear" (released in November 2008).

Overall, Macabre has shown the most gorriest, scarriest, and bloddiest movie ever made in Indonesia. It becomes one of the most talk-about movie because of it scarriest theme.

The film has been released in Indonesia and Singapore. In Singapore, Macabre has been rated M18 (for Gore and Violence). Meanwhile Malaysia banned this movie due to the extreme scenes that fill more than half of the movie. This is the first time Malaysia banned Indonesia's movie. Meanwhile for North Asia and Europe, it will be distributed soon by Overlook Entertainment.

Monday, May 3, 2010

You Like Pretty Girl.... You Die....

Experts from University of Valencia recently found out that men who have intention to pretty girls will suffer stroke and other internal diseases. When they stay close to a pretty girls, their cortisol (stress trigger hormon) will raise up. High level cortisol will give bad impact to men's heart. When men fail to get close to the girls, cortisol will raise much higher and men will suffer stroke. According to The Mail, May 3th edition, this effect has equivalent to jumping from the plane.

Based on their survey to 84 male students, University of Valencia Team found out that cortisol level of all students have raised in significant level when they stayed with some pretty girls they never met before for five minutes.

Ironically, high level cortisol will also triggered impotency because of the stress impact and frustration. If this condition happened in a long term, they will suffer other cronical problem, such as heart failure, diabetic, hypertension, and permanent impotent.

So... for all of you guys, if you stay close to any pretty girls, let me give you a simple advise : Don't wish they want to go out with you...!!!

Are You A Sex Addict? Beware !!!!

Recently sexual addiction become a serious problem. Charlie Sheen has it. So does Michael Doughlas and Tiger Woods. Rumors said Steven Siegel also got it. Whose next?

For some people, it is a serious problem. But what they don't know, it ruins their social environment, family, and at the end : their own life. According to some experts, Sexual Addiction is a condition where a person has uncontrolled sex desires. They has a deep need to have sex, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, with anybody. They know the consequences, but still keep doing it.

Like other addiction, people who "suffered" Sexual Addiction feels sex as a drug. The more they make, the more their body feel comfortable. They never feel satisfy and keep doing it. Like other addicts, after did it, they are having guilty feeling, desperate, nervous, and isolated. They feel not comfortable with their life. So they will keep having sex again, and again with anybody to find their comfort zone.

There are about 3 - 6% of community population is having this addiction. More than 20% are women. According to Dr Patrick Carnes - a consultant and sexual addiction expert - in his site (, most of the addicts are having difficulty to express their problem, because most of them don't feel it is a problem.

What is the sympthoms of Sexual Addicts? Dr Carnes shows 10 possibility signs that we should aware :
1. When we feel our desires are out of control.
2. When we realize there are bad consequences if we can't control our desires.
3. When we can't stop it even we realize the consequences.
4. Keep doing it.
5. We wish we can stop it, but we still keep actively doing it.
6. Suddenly we use our sexual fantasy to depress our desires.
7. Need for sex over and over again to fulfill our fantasies
8. Feel our body is shaking if we don't have sex.
9. Wasting a lot of time to doing plan and have sex.
10. Introvert, avoiding people, social activities, and other activitities just for sex.

There are a lot of sexual activities tht can be done, such as enjoying pornography products, uncontrolled masturbation, exhibitionist, voyeurist, fetist, sex-call, online-sex, unsafe sex with anybody, including prostitutes.

According to Dr Carne, about 70% of sexual addicts are having problem with their partners, 40% loose their marital life, 27% loose their carrier, and 72% have an obssesion to kill themself.

When you feel you are one of the Sexual Addict, the only way you can cure your addiction is talk to your family and let them help you. If you feel ashame and have no confident on them, you can share your problem to or There are some experts who are abling to give support to you.

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