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Monday, October 25, 2010

The World's Stinkiest Food

When we are talking about food, most people will think about tasty, good looking, and good smelly fragrant meals that serve in front of us. Those good things will make us think that eating is pleasuring ourselves. For some people, yes.But for some others - the one that I called "The Food Adventurers" - food is not about that. Food is about something that sounds extreme, with smell like garbage and gross-look, and really challenging to be eaten.

There are a lot of "yacky" foods like that in the world. In this article, I will only show the stinkiest food that can be found in the world. The appearance of it might be still acceptable for some people. But the smell.... well.... you need to close your eyes and stop to breath, before you might able to eat and swallow it. So, here are they....

One of the most popular food in Asia is Stinky Bean. Better known as Petai Bean (Parkia speciosa or twisted cluster bean), it is a long, flat edible beans with bright green seeds the size and shape of plump almonds which have a peculiar smell, characterised by some as being similar to that added to methane gas.
Petai bean is very popular in Laos, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, and northeastern India. Usually it being eaten fried and combined with garlic, chilli peppers, and shrimp, as in "Sambal Petai" (well-known dishes from Indonesia).
People who have not ever smell this bean before will feel very annoying by its smell. The odor is very nasty and like people's odor. But some people just love to eat it....

Some people in Asia, like Indonesia,Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong just love to eat it. Jengkol (Pithecollobium jiringa or Pithecollobium labatum) is squashed bean, with dark brown color. The bean contains a lot of sulphure's amino acid that make the bean spread a very bad odor. Jengkol can be made into various traditional dishes. Mostly combine with curry, chilli, and garlic. Some peole even make it like Sate (barbeque on stick). Usually it's been boil quiet long, so become very soft like animal's meat and the smell is not so strong.

If you visit China, never forget to try this food : Chou Tou (Stinky Tofu). This popular tofu snack was actually came from Guangdong, then become very popular in most city in China and Hong Kong. It made from marinaded in fermented milk, vegetables, meat, and herbs. The smell is very strong and the taste is like rotten meat.

4. NATTO :
It is fermented soy beans that very popular in Japan.Usually served as condiment or side dish. The taste is like sweaty dirty socks.

Ok... if all four above still not make you vomit, just try Kala Namak, a very well-known foods from India, and very popular among Vegans. It is actually spice that made from black salt and it is mimicing egg salads of omeletes. But the smell... fiuh.... just like the concetrated of rotten egg vapor, make it triple. Wushaaaa.....

It usually sell in a can, this herring brine has a very strong rotten stench that make people stay on shock while smell it.  Eat it with crispy thin bread, and layered with sliced of almond potatoes, chopped onions, and fresh dill springs. Hmmm.... sound... delicious??? People from Northern Swedish enjoy it very much.....^_^

7. FAFARU : 
When you come to Tahiti, try Fafaru. It made from fish, lobster, or shrimps, then add with fermented seawater, and eaten with coconut cream. Sounds good to me. But why people is vomiting after smell it. Aiya.....

United States. Who thought that there is any stink food here? In Minnesota, you are going to find Lutefisk, the well-known stinkiest food. Its origins are Scandinavian actually, but Minnesotans have embraced this delicacy and made it their own. It made from Cod, saoked in caustic lye soda for days, then baked or boiled with butter to make its jelly-like consistency easier to tolerate.

Alrity....ready to vomit already?

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