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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The "Tastiest" Menu from Best Restaurants in the World

Plan to have dinner in a restaurant tonight? Any idea what food you are gonna try? Barbeque? Salad? Curry? Hmmm... booooriiing...!!! All of them are very regular. Any restaurant have it. Yeah, the taste is different, but still it's the same meal. Any plan to try a little bit unique food? Let's take the challenge and go to another country to see what good thing they have. Maybe you can get some ideas of what you're going to eat tonight. I promise you : NO MORE boring barbeque, salad, curry, Chinese food, and other regular food for your dinner.

Ever wonder what is the taste of human flesh? Well... some people said it is very delicious. The aroma is good. The taste is right (the fiber meat is soft like beef, and juicy like Chicken's skin). The nutrients are totally complete. You got zinc, vitamin, good mineral, and everything is sooooo yummy....!!!!
Wanna try some of it? Come to Berlin. There is a restaurant called Flime, who has a special menu on their list: Fresh Human Flesh. Just name which part you want to eat : head, hand, chest, back bone, thigh,... just name and they serve it for you. Either it's barbequed, soup, fried dry, or raw (not recommended... but... well.... if you want to try, why not?). Anything you want, the restaurant is ready to served. Or you might be want to know what is the taste of your own flesh? Just tell them, and they will cut your flesh (no pain... they have expert who knows how to chop your body) and served it for you. So... tonight's menu for the dinner will be yourselves. Interesting, right?

Literally means "Female Body Plate", and it is not only literally. It's really female body plate. Like its name, the restaurant - mostly in Japan - serves sushi and sashimi on a naked woman's body. The woman is lying on the table, then we take the food from her body. Well.... hope she is taking her bath already and has no wacky smell while I am taking my dinner from her body.....

Suffering from low sex drive? Losing your confident? Wanna be an animal again on bed? Try the menu in Guo Li Zhuang, China. They have a lot menus that guaranteed you can "shake your dick" again :  Horse Penis, Goat Penis, Dog Penis, Pig Penis, Cock Cock.... just name any penis you want, they have it. Or try the testicles. They also guaranteed to give back your virility. You can try from the tiny rooster ball to the big horse testicles. Get ready.... It's going to be a very long night after the dinner.....

It's kinda bore to sit on the chair while eating our dinner. Think it's gonna be fun to eat on a toilet : Sitting on while eating. And if you need to go to a pee, don't have to feel bad to ask an excused or leave unpolitely while your friend is still in the middle of talking. Just take off your pant, then .... woooolaaa .... meanwhile you still eating your dinner and listening to his or her story. You miss nothing.

Ever wonder, how excitement you got while eat your dinner and surrounding by the most dangerous men in the world? Yeap, you can try the challenge in Voltera, Italy. They have a very nice restaurant called Fortezza Medicea. The place is nice, and you are not allowing to bring anything that consider a risk, including your cell phone or even you car keys. The wait staffs, the cook, and everybody in this restaurant are all convicted inmates. Really.... this is not a fake show or any candid-camera game. They are no artist and all of them are really cons-men. If you make eye-contact with them, then you just signed your own dead-wish. But this experience is worthed. Try their special Chicken Parmesan that sooo delicious that make you wish to die. Well.... second thought : don't wish that thing in Fortezza Medicea. You never know if your wish might come true.

Your Mama give you an old fashioned advise to "not playin with your food". Roppongi Club, Japan, you are not only play with your food. You have sex with it! Just choose whatever you want to f**k : Chicken, dog, pig, or goat; male or female. All animals are alive and you can choose any of them to have fun. Once you are done, take a rest in the dining area. The cheft will prepare the delicious meal from whatever animal you just f**ked and served it right on your table. You have no fear for any desease. All animals are clean and sanitized. If you are not sure, condoms and disinfectant are ready for you to be used.Well.... if you come to the restaurant, make sure you come alone. Hope your Boss is not there....

Appetite comes from the eyes. But how about if you can't see what you eat? Can you trust your sensory and believe what you eat is eatable? Well.... in Dans le Noir, Paris, dinner is served in complete darkness. You can't see anything and you have to believe in what you eat and drink. The experience sounds interesting, but... c'mon.... the food smell very funny. Should I keep eating it?


In Cabbages and Condoms Restaurat, Bangkok - Thailand, the food is good. The scenary is nice. And... the condoms are plenty. This restaurant is being active to supports PDA and support health and safety aspect of condoms use in a fun and amusing manner. They not only serve their customers with good and nice food (in which I believe every meals are excelent...), but also give condoms to all the customer. All proceed from the restaurants are usedto fund the social development pograms of PDA. The idea is nice. But is it mean I need some "excercise" right after the dinner?

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