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Sunday, May 10, 2009

What Is The Longest Film Series Ever Made?

Officially, The World Guinness Book of Record stated that Wong Fei Hung is the longest film series ever made. It has 99 sequels and has been made since 1921 until today. There are several actors has played as Wong Fei Hung. The long- lasted actor who played this character was Kwan Tak Hing. He played this character since 1921 - 1970 and played in 77 sequels. Meanwhile other stars that also starred this character are Jet Li (in the series of Once Upon A Time In China) and Jackie Chan (in Drunken Master & Drunken Master 2 a.k.a. The Legend of Drunken Master).

But unofficially, the longest series ever made was the series of Three Stooges. They had made 217 series already since 1921 until 1970. About 190 series were made in short movies (30 minutes duration) and 27 series were feature -length movies. Their first short-movie called Women Haters (1921) which became their debut. After the success of the movie, they start to made series of their slapstick adventure. At least of of their movies been released in every 3-4 month.

Their first long movie was Soup to Nuts (1930), which directed by Benjamin Stoloff and also starred by Lucile Browne.

Their last movies was in Kook's Tour, which released on February 1970. On January 1970, Larry Fine - one of the Three Stooges - suffered a severe stroke, and paralyzing the left side of his body. He passed away on January 24, 1975 after suffered several more strokes. He was entombed in in Glendale's Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetary.

Meanwhile Moe Howard - the leader of the Three Stooges - died of lung cancer on May 4, 1975 and entombed in Culver City's Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery.

The last member of the trio was Emil Sitka, who died in January 16, 1998.

The Three Stooges were an American comedy act. They were commonly known by their first names, such as "Larry, Moe, and Curly", "Moe, Larry, and Shemp, or "Larry, Moe, and Curly-Joe". They had been known by their hallmark of physical slapstick comedy punctuated by quickly-delivered one-liners, within outrageous storyline.

The original members of The Three Stooges were Moe Howard, Ted Healy, and Shem Howard (1922 - 1923). The members been change several times, and members such as Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Joe Besser, Curly Joe DeRita, and Emil Sitka had join the team and played in several series of The Three Stooges.

The longest team members of Three Stooges was "Moe, Larry, & Curly Joe" whose been been team up for 17 years (1958 - 1975). Meanwhile the last team members of Three Stooges was "Moe, Emil, & Curly Joe" (1975) and only took several months.

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