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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top 10 Weirdest Bra Designs

Bras are not things that girls use only to hold and form their breasts anymore. But recently, bras have new meaning and more useful for other uses. Here are some weirdest bra that being designed to help women in the world to do other things with their bra than just treat them as their underwear. Ready to be surprised?

Created by Triumph International Japan. This bra is made in order to promote the use of reusable chopsticks. Wearing this bra, you have chance to save the planet in same time. Really?????

Ever find difficulty when the battery of your mobile phone is down or your iPod have lost its power. Now, you can have solar-powered bra. Just plug your connector to the bra, and... walah.... your iPod and mobile can be turned on again....

Feeling lonely and love to get warm and gently squeeze from a man you love? Try hand palm bra. It's soft, handy, and lovely. Make you feel like a woman again.

Feeling hungry and have nothing left to eat? Try bacon bra. It made from 100% true bacon meat and can be eaten rawly. It's very useful for active women like you who love to travel a lot (especially travelling to deep forest or uncivilize area).

Love fish and enjoy taking them to walk with you? Try this Golden Fish Bra. It's simple, chill, and tickle. Very nice for sporty girl like you...

Never leave home without candies. Candy consist of sweet and sugar that energize your day. It also good for your bad breath. Forget to bring one? Don't worry, you have plenty of them in your bra now.

Even wondered what would your breasts sound like if they were a musical instrument? Now... you don't have to wonder anymore, because you can listen it by yourself to a pair of your breasts make beautiful and nice music. Introducing Musical Bra that turns the pair of brests into a musical instrument. All you need to do is wear it and listen to it. A very nice sound-therapy for active women....

Feeling chill and your warmer not work properly? Triump-Japan has introducing Warmbiz Heated Bra that keep you warm and comfy. It made from nice-comfy-looking faux fur with microwavable gel pads that can be slipped into the bra cups to provide warmth in chilly offices or location (very nice to wear it while in winter season).

9. BRA BAG :
Shopping.... shopping.... shopping.... won't you have a cozy and cute way to shop? Try Bra Bag. It's eco-friendly, and very handy to use. When you need to buy something, just take off your bra, fold it, and.... it turns into shopping bag. After do the shopping, take it out, and wore it again. No more trash. No more plastic bag.

10. MEN'S BRA:
Now... that's sound ridiculous. Why men need bra?Well... whoever could imagine that the image of the macho, hulky men would be reduced to such a funny figure with the imagery of him wearing a bra. So.... c'mon, Man. Show your inner feminine side. Wear bra......

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