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Sunday, December 11, 2011

This is The Reason Why Sederet.Com is The Most Trustworthy Online Dictionary

Ever found difficulty when you want to know how to say a word in Indonesia or visa verse? Well.... easiest (and in old-fashioned) way, is looking for the word in dictionary. But it is not easy, you know. We have to open page by page, and read soooo many tiny words that takes time. Very frustrating, especially when we are going to write a very long articles.

I also met the same condition several years ago. When wrote some articles in English, I found very difficult to find a "correct" translation from Indonesia words to English. Sometimes the words are there, but can't applicated, so I need to find another words with "similar" meaning.

About 2 years ago, when I search in Google, looking for online dictionary, I found in which placed on the very top of the Google Search List. When entered the web, frankly speaking, I did not quiet like it. The web's design was very simple, with blue and white combination back ground. Very amateur appearance. But when started to use it, I found that is not a simple dictionary web like I thought.

When entering a word, mostly will provide the translation of the words that we want to know, including several synonymous that might be have same meaning or similar meaning. This option give me more understanding about the uses of the words. For example, when I type "Run", the translation appears directly into Indonesia as "Lari". Meanwhile, at the bottom, provide several synonym such as "Tally", "Trial", "Streak", and others in which become a very good input for me.

Since then, I become one of's biggest fan. When I want to look for English dictionary, I will open And I am very glad that web have improved quiet significant recently (especially its appearance), and become one of the major online dictionary in Indonesia.

Although has improved like today, I found that still not able to translate phrases and short sentences, either from English to Indonesia or visa verse. For example, when I type "BEAT IT" and translate it into Indonesia, it turns out the meaning is "Menumbuknya", in which "menumbuknya" actual mean is "Pound It". You can try to type other short sentences (minimum in 2 words) and most words still incorrectly translated.

Despite of above problem. I found is very helpful for people who just start to learn English or Indonesia  language, because it has a lot of options of translation that help people to understand the meaning of the single words. For example, when I look for the translation of "Mencari", will provide several meaning of the words (depend on the occasion of use), including its synonym.

This is the reason why I still use, because I can learn a lot from the translation of the words that I type in

To make the web more exciting, interesting, and fun, also can be used thru mobile cellphone. Just type, and it can be used directly, and work on almost all phones with mobile web access. Easier, faster, and can be used anywhere, anytime.

Feel bored after do the translation? There are several Educational Web Games in that also can be played. It is very fun can play several of them that can help to improve my vocabulary. Several games that I played before are : Type & Poop Ballons, Spelling Bee, Word Cross, and Typing Hero. You should try them...!!! It really fun...!!! also have English Articles. But unfortunately, all articles are only focus on the how to learn English language, such as English Grammar Lessons, Easy Way To Learn English, and others. I think it would be much better if it also consist of the knowledge about Indonesia language (but written in English). This might be helpful for people who eager to learn about Indonesia (the words, the culture, and everything about Indonesia).

When you want to learn deep about English or Indonesian language, you don't have to buy thick dictionary or download any dictionary program. You have What else you need?

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