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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Twilight From

Wow.... what a day today...!!!!

Last week, I've been told by that I was chosen as one of the finalist in their Blog Competition. Then on Dec 20, I got a news that... I WON... !!!! Even placed as Runner Up, but I am very happy for the result. I am very appreciate whose chosen me as one of the winner.

And today, I become much more happy to received the prize of the competition : the novel of TWILIGHT. Can't imagine how happy I am. Actually I known Twilight after watched its movie several years ago. I never read the novel myself, especially in original version in English. And today.... wow... amazing.... I got one....!!!!

Last but not least, I would like to say : Thank you, You are soooo amazing and I am very glad to use your service. I believe, can become The Leader of Online Dictionary in the future. is not only a regular dictionary. It has games, articles, and English lessons. Why need other when this one is already completed?

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  1. let me know what you think of the novel. lots of people say it's... well, it really inappropriate word. let's just say, it's quite shallow. too many repetition phrase and stuff.
    i also enter this competition, tho. were i be the winner, i was about to donate it to my school library :D


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