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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Many Johns Do You Know?

Let's play some brain-storming & see how far your bible-knowledge : How many Johns in the bible?

Ok... got the answer? How many? Two? Three?


The correct answer is : FOUR!!!


Ok.... let's count together :

1. JOHN THE BAPTIST : He also known as Yohanoan (in Aram language). He is the one who babtist Jesus Christ in Jordanian River. Herodes Antipas cut his head.

2. JOHN THE APOSTLE : He is one of the 12 Apostles, the diciples of Christ. He also known as John, the Son of Zebedee, brother of Saint James the Great.

3. JOHN THE PRESBYTER : Even he's been known as John, but actually he was (or should I say : THEM WERE) not John. They actually Polycarpus and Papias. Who are they? Well... Bible did not mentioned their name, but they were known as the pupil of John the Apostle. They learned about the idea of salvation and they wrote them out based on what they heard from John. Polycarpus wrote the bible of 1John and John. Meanwhile Papias wrote the bible of 2John and 3john.

4. JOHN OF PATMOS : Who is he? Until today, no one is abling to confirm who is he. He's been known as the person who wrote the bible of Revelation. Using the very odd and strange description in very bizzare Greek language. A lot of people think he is crazy, but some people also think that he wrote a lot of certain thing about premonition, and things that's going to be happened not long from now. Strange deceises, war, strange religions,... everything happens. Is he a true the disciple of Jesus that able to see things from future? Or he is a crazy person? Nobody can prove it till now.

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