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Monday, April 26, 2010

Taboos in Asia

Some Asia areas, especially Melayu ethnic, have some unique taboo restrictions. People should not do what it has been told or there will be bad things happened to them. Some people believe, but some others don't. Either way, it is better to know what kind of taboo restrictions that been came into effect to the local people. At least when you visit the country during your holiday, you won't be surprised and can respect the rules of the taboo restrictions that been implemented in there.

Most of the restrictions have no any logic explanation. But some cases shown that whoever violating the restrictions will face condemnation and bad luck :
1. Never changes places while eating :
During eating, you are not permitted to change place because it is a symbol that you don't respect your own mother, and you hope she died soon so you can get new mother.

2. Never shout dirty words in the forest :
Because it will raise out all creatures that hid in the forest. Most cases, people who shout will be possessed by forest spirit and will not heal until they die.

3.  Never do pictures in odd numbers :
When you make some pictures with your friends, make sure the total persons whose been shot (including you) are not in odd numbers. Because if it do, one of you will die soon.

4.  Never cry when you got pregnant :
Actually this taboo is explainable that mother that pregnant and had bad feeling will effect to her baby. So always try not to feeling sad or crying, because it will not good for your baby.

5. Never bite your bottom lips :
People who love to bite their bottom lips will face deep financial problem.

6. Never pretend to cry :
By doing that, you are actually cursing your own parents that time, and wish they were gone.

7. Never give handkerchief to your lover :
Because it means both of you will seperate soon.

8. Never abuse your children :
Once they grow up, they will never get a good husband / wife.

9. Never smack your daughter's bottock :
It will turns her into a hyper sex women and always ruin others family.

10. Never hug people's head with both hands :
Because it will turns people that you hug become stupid.

11. Never lift your leg when lying flat on your stomach :
You are wishing something bad happened to your mother.

12. Never sweep floor during night :
It makes people inside your house will be difficult to get rich.

13. Never eat using small plate :
Nobody will treat you well when you are growing up.

14. Never eat in front of any door :
You will difficult to get a husband / wife.

15. Never sell needles or cutter during night time :
It will makes your stores turn into bankrupt.

16. Never go to beach and wearing red cloth :
Red cloth is represent bride cloth for water spirit. So when they see people wore red cloth, they will take them.

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