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Monday, April 26, 2010

Never Do This After Eating

There are some simple things that we did it right after eating. Somehow, we did not realized that what we did will distract the metabolism progress in out body. And if we keep on doing it, sooner or later, it will become a "silent killer" that can kill us. Avoid below habits, and it will safe your life and make your life healthier :

1. Eat Fruits :
It might be refreshing to eat fruits as dessert right after eating. Correct? Eeeekkkk... wrong....!!!Once the food entering our stomach, it needs at least 1 - 2 hours to digest.. But if we are eating fruits in the middle of digesting process, it will block the process (not make it easier as we thought, even fruits content lots of fiber). The digesting process will be longer and it will create more gas inside stomach that can resulting fart and diarrhea.

2. Drinking Tea :
Some people believe, drinking tea right after eating (especially oily and high cholesterol foods) can swipe the fat. Again.... you are wrong....!!! Tea contents tanin (tanat acid) that turn protein into sediment and make our body very difficult to absorb it. It also hold the absorption of zinc and will resulting anemia.

3. Smoking :
Sure thing that smoking after eating is a very dangerous act that we should avoid (even it make us feel very nice) . After eating, every part of our stomach is working, including kidney and heart. Smoke will make the blood circulation volume drop and will make kidney and heart must work harder to pump the blood and let the food can be digested. If this work continue in long time, our kidney and heart will suffer and collaps.

4. Taking a bath :
NEVER taking a bath right after eating, because after eating, all part of our stomach is working hard to digest. The result of their hard work is our body become hot. Water will turn our body cool (imagine spilling water unto a very hot steal....), and will ccompletely damaging the digestion progress. By the end, we will suffer in digestion problem. And if it's keep continuing, we can get sudden death caused by heart failure.

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