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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Barack Obama in Indonesia

One of popular person in Indonesia is The President of United States of America : Barack Obama. Yep.... it because Obama ever lived in Indonesia in 1967 in Jakarta from ages six to ten. He also attended local schools in Jakarta, including Besuki Public School and St. Francis of Asisi School.

Even he only stayed for four years in Indonesia, but for many people in Indonesia, he left a lot of great memories. So when he has been elected as The President of United States of America, many people celebrated it. Since then, Barack Obama has become popular person in Indonesia.

There are some interesting happen right after Barack Obama has been selected as The President of United States of America :

1. Similarity with Obama :
When Obama has elected, Ilham Anas - one of Indonesian that been born in Bandung on January 25, 1974 - become famous. Why? Because he has a lot of similarity with Obama. This photographer that recently lived in Bekasi has an identical face with Obama. Not only face, but also the way he talks, acts, even body language... everything is exactly same (sometimes we wonder if he is actually Obama's twins).

Because of the similarity, Anas has become a superstar. Not only in Indonesia, but also in other country. He also been selected as a commercial star in Philippines. And he played as Barack Obama.

2. Obama's Statue :
On December 2009, a statue of Obama when he was a kid been made and put in Menteng Park, about 150 meters from Menteng Elementary School, the place where Obama's took his study while in Indonesia. Edy Chaniago - the designer of the statue - finished the statue in 2 month using US$ 10,000 of budget. However, the statue of Obama - that been known as "Barry Dreams Come True" statue - had became controversy because many people think that Obama had not give any contribution to Indonesia, either when he was staying in Indonesia or after become the President of States. After several months of controversy, finally the statue been moved to Menteng Elementary School. And since March 2010, the statue can be seen at the field of that school.

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