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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Man with The Biggest Breast in the World

Normally we know that only girls who have breast. Men... well, they have it but not big. Even athletic like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Hulk Hogan only have "standard" breast - or can be said, "chick-breast" - and never as big as Pamela Anderson's.

But recently, doctors from Chin claimed that they finally found a man with big breast and it is the biggest breast that men have in the world. Guo Feng -53 years old-, a farmer from Jinan, China, is the one to have this big breast. Physically, he is a man. But 10 years ago, he found his chest is becoming bigger and bigger. And in the end, his chest has same size as Pamela Anderson's.

Why he can be like this? Until today, none of the doctor can explain it. They check throughout already and did not find any problem in Guo Feng's chest. The breast on his chest is not a cancer and do not harm his health. The only hypotesis that come out from the doctor is that Guo Feng has with fat problem.

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