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Monday, May 3, 2010

You Like Pretty Girl.... You Die....

Experts from University of Valencia recently found out that men who have intention to pretty girls will suffer stroke and other internal diseases. When they stay close to a pretty girls, their cortisol (stress trigger hormon) will raise up. High level cortisol will give bad impact to men's heart. When men fail to get close to the girls, cortisol will raise much higher and men will suffer stroke. According to The Mail, May 3th edition, this effect has equivalent to jumping from the plane.

Based on their survey to 84 male students, University of Valencia Team found out that cortisol level of all students have raised in significant level when they stayed with some pretty girls they never met before for five minutes.

Ironically, high level cortisol will also triggered impotency because of the stress impact and frustration. If this condition happened in a long term, they will suffer other cronical problem, such as heart failure, diabetic, hypertension, and permanent impotent.

So... for all of you guys, if you stay close to any pretty girls, let me give you a simple advise : Don't wish they want to go out with you...!!!

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