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Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is The First Slasher Movie from Indonesia?

Macabre is considered as the first slasher movie that made by Indonesian movie makers and become one of the most successfull movie, regionally and internationally. Released in January 22, 2010, Macabre has became a nightmare for all audiences. The movie itself also gain a lot of appreciation from many of international critics and received international awards, such as Pucheon International Fantasic Film Festival (PiFan 2009, held in Bucheon, South Korea). At this festival, Shareefa Danish had been choosed as the Best Actress.

Directed by Mo Brothers (Timo Cahyanto and Kimo Stambul) and starred by well-known Indonesian artists such as Shareefa Danish, Julie Estelle, Ario Bayu, Imelda Therinne, Daniel Mananta, and Mike Lucock, Macabre - also known as Rumah Dara (Dara's House) in Indonesia or Darah (Blood) in Singapore - tells a story about 6 youngsters who meet a strange girl called Maya (played by Imelda Therinne) that lost her way. Soon they took the girl back to her house which located in the middle of forest (and nowhere).

Then they meet Dara (Shareefa Danish), Maya's mother. Since they helped Maya, Dara insisted them to stay in her house and having dinner with her. They also been introduced to Adam (Arifin Putra) and Arman (Ruli Lubis), both are Maya's brothers. While having the meal, suddenly all of them passout. When gaining their conciousness, all of them found out that they were been set-up by psychopathic cannibal family. And the youngsters are going to be their next meals.

Macabre is actually the expansion of the story called Dara which been made and released before in a anthology movie called "Takut : Faces of Fear" (released in November 2008).

Overall, Macabre has shown the most gorriest, scarriest, and bloddiest movie ever made in Indonesia. It becomes one of the most talk-about movie because of it scarriest theme.

The film has been released in Indonesia and Singapore. In Singapore, Macabre has been rated M18 (for Gore and Violence). Meanwhile Malaysia banned this movie due to the extreme scenes that fill more than half of the movie. This is the first time Malaysia banned Indonesia's movie. Meanwhile for North Asia and Europe, it will be distributed soon by Overlook Entertainment.

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