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Monday, May 3, 2010

Are You A Sex Addict? Beware !!!!

Recently sexual addiction become a serious problem. Charlie Sheen has it. So does Michael Doughlas and Tiger Woods. Rumors said Steven Siegel also got it. Whose next?

For some people, it is a serious problem. But what they don't know, it ruins their social environment, family, and at the end : their own life. According to some experts, Sexual Addiction is a condition where a person has uncontrolled sex desires. They has a deep need to have sex, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, with anybody. They know the consequences, but still keep doing it.

Like other addiction, people who "suffered" Sexual Addiction feels sex as a drug. The more they make, the more their body feel comfortable. They never feel satisfy and keep doing it. Like other addicts, after did it, they are having guilty feeling, desperate, nervous, and isolated. They feel not comfortable with their life. So they will keep having sex again, and again with anybody to find their comfort zone.

There are about 3 - 6% of community population is having this addiction. More than 20% are women. According to Dr Patrick Carnes - a consultant and sexual addiction expert - in his site (, most of the addicts are having difficulty to express their problem, because most of them don't feel it is a problem.

What is the sympthoms of Sexual Addicts? Dr Carnes shows 10 possibility signs that we should aware :
1. When we feel our desires are out of control.
2. When we realize there are bad consequences if we can't control our desires.
3. When we can't stop it even we realize the consequences.
4. Keep doing it.
5. We wish we can stop it, but we still keep actively doing it.
6. Suddenly we use our sexual fantasy to depress our desires.
7. Need for sex over and over again to fulfill our fantasies
8. Feel our body is shaking if we don't have sex.
9. Wasting a lot of time to doing plan and have sex.
10. Introvert, avoiding people, social activities, and other activitities just for sex.

There are a lot of sexual activities tht can be done, such as enjoying pornography products, uncontrolled masturbation, exhibitionist, voyeurist, fetist, sex-call, online-sex, unsafe sex with anybody, including prostitutes.

According to Dr Carne, about 70% of sexual addicts are having problem with their partners, 40% loose their marital life, 27% loose their carrier, and 72% have an obssesion to kill themself.

When you feel you are one of the Sexual Addict, the only way you can cure your addiction is talk to your family and let them help you. If you feel ashame and have no confident on them, you can share your problem to or There are some experts who are abling to give support to you.

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